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New professionals are growing at UNITO

Never stop learning: this time we ventured to look at tourism from behind the scenes.
At the University of Turin, at the Aldo Moro complex, a conference was recently held on the themes of tourist reception which saw the academic world converge around the same table, various professionals in the sector and the young minds of students who will have to face the new challenges of the market.
The opening session was overseen by the hosts: Professor Enrico Lusso, president of the Languages and Cultures course for tourism, and Professor Laura Bonato, president of the International Communication course for tourism. Both highlighted the importance of injecting into academic training the skills that come from the field, from those who work in the local realities and are faced with concrete challenges of various kinds every day that the new professionals of tomorrow will be able to help face and win. The comparison therefore becomes a sort of virtuous Do ut des where all the figures of the Tourism ecosystem try to play in unison.

The speech by Federico De Giuli, head of the Tourism Industry Commission of Confindustria but also an architect and owner of a real estate company in the hotel sector, addressed both management and communication issues. It is not enough to have the spaces for the tourist offer but it is necessary to train skills capable of managing the events that can take place in those spaces, and it is not enough to communicate a place, it is necessary to know the culture to which one communicates to find the right key capable to transform tourism into experience.

Cristina Cerutti of Turismo Torino e Provincia also makes an interesting contribution by telling of their membership in international groups such as City DNA and Delice. Thanks to the comparison, these alliances are often generators of excellent ideas to enhance the territories and their cultures not only for the tourist but for the citizens themselves. Examples of this are events such as Cioccola-TO, an event that has been celebrating for many years the centuries-old traditions of the area in the artisanal production of chocolate.

The speech by Laura Audi, owner of Somewhere Tour & Events shifts the focus on how a tourist package should be built. To make a visit an experience, various aspects must be taken care of: one must go to satisfy an interest, perhaps latent, one must build an adequate narrative on it, which necessarily passes from an in-depth study of the theme, one must pay attention to logistics and times of use.
The now super-tested Magic Turin and Underground Turin tours of Somewhere were born way back in 1997 when there was no structured offer on the subjects of esotericism and the underground city. They have been designed to be enjoyed in the evening when the atmosphere helps to create the right aura and are built on a solid and documented narrative.

This half day of discussion between the parties makes us reflect on the need to develop adequate skills in the sector. We must not fall into the deception that Italy, with an enormous artistic, cultural, historical and naturalistic heritage, sells itself.
More needs to be done for an ever more mobile, ever more demanding tourism.
We need to focus on an enhancement that has at heart the growth of the quality offer combined with the well-being of the residents, with the well-being of the environment.
It is necessary to build experiences in each segment: from the hotel to the transport, from the visit to the various activities.
Tryatrip was born for this, to tell experiences that create memories, which form consciences.

APPELL to young people: study Tourism because living on this is fun, it's enriching, it's always having your eyes, heart and mind wide open like windows on a thousand different cultures.