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Khalid Ibn Al Waleed St, Jabal Al Hussein, Amman (Jordan)

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Experience Jordan with those who call it home

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Area: Jordan

Il nostro van sulla strada per il mar Morto Our van on the road to the Dead Sea

We love it because ...

Petra, the rocky desert of Wadi Rum coveted film set, the Dead Sea and its skin cures, Madaba and its mosaics, Mount Nebo overlooking the Holy Land, Ma'in and its hot springs, the Red Sea and its corals, Jerash and Amman. An incredible succession of places to discover that become stories to tell, full of the anecdotes that only a local can tell you.
Trip500 welcomed us from the very first moment as special guests. Even during the negotiation, before we left, they were very flexible to accommodate all our requests, to make a visit tailor-made for us.
Trip500 has 15 years of experience and can arrange tours that please everyone: from those who are looking for adventure tours to those who prefer luxury, family tours, private tours or group tours where we can make new friends.
We chose a luxury private family tour, and throughout the entire vacation we felt pampered by a thousand attentions and impeccable service, while still leaving absolute freedom and time all to ourselves.
They were there when they needed to be, they were invisible when we wanted to enjoy our experiences in privacy.
Special thanks to our driver Mohamed who gave us glimpses of Jordanian life with his familiar stories. But can you imagine a Jordanian wedding with 2000 people? Let it tell you and show it, it's an incredible party.

Did you know that because of Wadi Rum's resemblance to the planet Mars, it has often been chosen by filmmakers as a set for filming. During the filming of 'The Martian' in 2015, lead actor Matt Damon stated, 'I was in awe of that place. It was really, really special. One of the most spectacular and beautiful places I've ever seen, like no other on Earth'

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