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via Santa Chiara, 20, 10122 Torino TO (Italia)

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Realizing the beauty we have around us even when Around is Home

Services: Guided tours and Events

Area: Turin and Province (Italy)

Le Antiche Ghiacciaie

The Ancient Iceboxes

We love it because ...

Home tour operator, to whom we are particularly fond of because although we have always lived in Turin, each time it leads us to discover something new: an unexplored corner, a different point of view, an anecdote that was still missing from our collection.
Not just guides who will inundate you with knowledge but real immersions in the Savoy culture, an all-round experience among the gems of the city and the province. The narrative will capture you and you will return home with loads of memories that will forever bind you to the city of the Mole.
Our trippers have experimented with different formats proposed by Somewhere and we recommend some of them:

  • Torino Magica : you will enter into connection with the most esoteric soul of the city, discovering its white and black side
  • Torino Sotterranea : a stainless classic that will take you into the bowels of the city to discover history from below
  • Apericabrio - Goblets under the Stars : put an aperitif, comfortably seated on an open bus, the breeze, the bubbles, the snacks and in the meantime the city that flows by
  • Svela-TO : opportunities to be seized, when possible, to discover usually hidden gems, small windows open to realities a little far from the classic tourist routes
  • Torino Noir : at night everything takes on a different atmosphere, intrigues, mystery, fears and shame alternate. And you never know who might turn up!

Campanile del Duomo, Portone del Diavolo, Piazza Statuto, Parco Valentino