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In the time of Lidia Poet

Discover Turin on the trail of fiction

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ITScienziati per un giornoTorino, Piemonte

There are people who dedicate their entire lives to claiming denied rights; history is studded with these battles and when they are victorious, everyone benefits.
In fact, we often unconsciously enjoy rights, long pursued, without remembering the obstinate stubbornness of those who took them for granted.

I luoghi della fiction - Palazzo Carignano

The places of fiction - Palazzo Carignano

Ti svelo i segreti della fiction

I'll tell you the secrets of fiction

As a woman and as an engineer, graduated in years in which the fairer sex attended measured ridiculous percentages, I cannot remain indifferent to this story.
I think about these themes as I stroll through the streets of my city following in the footsteps of Lidia Poët, a woman born in the Piedmont valleys where the Waldensians are at home, traditionally very attentive to education. I'm not saying this just for the record, but rather because this changed everything.
In fact, Lidia Poët studied, at a time when few studied, and on 17 June 1881 she graduated in law with a dissertation on women's right to vote. Two years later she also took the exams to become a solicitor, following which she requested registration in the Bar Association, arousing strong controversy because she was the first time of a woman.
The acceptance arrived in August of that same year: it was 1883. In a Turin with the Mole Antonelliana still incomplete, Lidia went down in history as the first woman enrolled in the register of lawyers.
However, the Attorney General objected and Lidia was barred from practicing the profession. She appealed but it was nothing. She practiced in her brother's shadow for years, continuing to devote herself to women's rights, but also to those of the marginalized in general.
You certainly didn't think that such a woman could surrender?
It took her another 37 years, but in 1920 she was finally admitted to the Bar. Lydia was 65 years old.
The Netflix fiction titled "The law of Lidia Poët" feeds on this incredible story, which has garnered widespread acclaim even beyond national borders. The series is obviously fictionalized while retaining a certain historical fidelity, but beyond any plausible criticism, it certainly has the merit of making a little-known story of fundamental historical importance popular.
Perhaps today I could not practice as an engineer if there was no one who fought for it.
The tour created by Somewhere Tour &Events takes you for a walk through the center of Turin, to rediscover the places of fiction.
Whether you loved it or not, whether you've seen it or you've never heard of it, it's still an original way to visit the city center with its wonderful buildings and at the same time discover how cinematic productions are skilful in using techniques to honor their beauty or make it appear that it is not.
Some places, we are sure, will surprise you because they are used in fiction for a completely different purpose than they are in reality, some others will only be partially true.
During the tour, the guide makes use of the support of two exceptional guests: Lidia and her brother Enrico, masterfully interpreted by Le vie del tempo, a local cultural association dedicated to the philological reconstruction of several eras. They are not simple figures in costume but real storytellers of the time, capable of immersing you in the uses and customs of distant eras, with such a minuteness of detail as to make you feel their full weight. Being a woman at the time of Lidia Poët meant being forced into breath-taking tight corsets. This is how the scene from the fiction comes to mind where Lidia tries to get on her bike, without too much success, and magically I feel more authentic than ever. Emancipation also includes the right to wear comfortable clothes.
Stay tuned as season 2 filming is on the way.
Have a good trip!

E se non tutto fosse quel che sembra...

And if all is not what it seems...

Nel 1883 la Mole Antonelliana non era ancora completata

In 1883 the Mole Antonelliana was not yet completed

I narratori de - Le vie del tempo

The narrators of - The ways of time

...nel giardino di Palazzo dal pozzo della cisterna

...in the Palazzo garden from the well of the cistern

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