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Austere outside, greedy inside

Turin that touches the senses

[Tripper: Paola]
ITSapori e coloriTorino, Piemonte

Turin is a city that has different interpretations and each of these is able to leave amazement in the eyes of its guest. We are far from the label of industrial city which for many years, perhaps until the turning point of the 2006 Winter Olympics, characterized the city in the collective imagination. Turin has abandoned its gray suit to become more.

Torino iconica di notte

Iconic Turin by night

Caval 'd brôns di piazza San Carlo - Torino

Caval 'd brôns in Piazza San Carlo - Turin

In reality there has always been much more in the city but partly due to its reserved nature, partly due to the austere rigor inherited from the House of Savoy, Turin did not show off for years.
And yet, it is a city steeped in beauty, on the surface and in depth:
Turin is magical,
Turin is underground,
Turin is creative,
Turin is art,
and it is also a lot of history because the - making Italy - started from here, from those names that come to mind from school books: Cavour and the Albertine statute, Vittorio Emanuele II and Garibaldi.
Among all these souls, there is one that touches the senses, that tickles the sense of smell and inebriates the taste. It is the most Gourmet Turin that, starting from the parlor of Piazza San Carlo, takes you for a walk in the city center to discover delicacies that today we could define GLOCAL: born locally by chance or out of necessity (we cannot tell you more, otherwise we ruin the surprise) but with a global reach because they are known beyond the borders of the region, beyond the borders of the country. We are talking about the gianduiotto invented by Caffarel of course, but that's not all. The gluttonous tradition of Turin also passes from the typical Piedmontese panettone invented by Galup, the low one to be clear, from the bicerin, an invigorating coffee-based drink much loved by Cavour, from the vermout, which from Carpano down has been able to carve out a worthy space in the of the aperitif and again from the ice cream, the cri-cri, the Rubatà bread sticks produced by the most fragrant white art laboratory in the city.
The path of taste is a great opportunity to experience historical facts lightly: under the - caval 'd brôns - in Piazza San Carlo historical facts and the legend built around the cri-cri are mixed, while you look at the silverware kept in what it was the Regia Frutteria of Palazzo Reale, you can taste the vermouth or the bicerin while listening to stories coming from the trunk of memories.
To the gourmands of the planet, but also to all the others, we can only say not to miss an experience which, through places imbued with elegance, delivers a newfound pleasure in chatting.
Have a good trip!

Perino Vesco fornai in via Cavour

Perino Vesco bakers in via Cavour

Caffarel Torino

Caffarel Torino

Piazza Castello a Torino

Piazza Castello in Turin

Piazza Carignano a Torino

Piazza Carignano in Turin

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