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Culture in Abu Dhabi

More than big

[Tripper: Paola]
ITImpara l’arteAbu Dhabi, Al Saadiyat Island

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, a monarchical federation of seven emirates, of which the best known are Abu Dhabi, which stands out for its cultural vocation testified by the presence of various internationally renowned museums, and Dubai, known for its its luxurious shops and many entertainment activities. The list is added in geographical order, continuing east after Dubai, the emirates Sharja, Ajman, the smallest of the seven, Umm al-Qaywayn, Raʾs al-Khayma, all facing the Persian Gulf and Fujayra the only one facing the Gulf of Oman.

Louvre Ab Dhabi

Louvre Ab Dhabi

Ingresso al museo del Louvre

Entrance to the Louvre museum

Often these indications are thought of solely as destinations dedicated to unbridled entertainment where each proposal has epic dimensions that are a record in the world. It's certainly true that oil money around here makes great displays of itself, but there are also occasions when it creates a messenger beauty.
If a museum has the uncanny ability to capture history and preserve it, then Louvre Abu Dhabi does more: the reproposes in a modern key to induce us to reflect on the past as a guide towards the future.
The rooms of the museum show the creative imprint of civilizations from East to West, in search of a cultural connection that brings people closer than one might think.
The museum was born from the agreement between France and the Emirate and in addition to the permanent exhibition, it offers temporary exhibitions and a creative space dedicated to experimentation even for the little ones to underline once again that creativity unites us all.
Great applause to the French superstar architect Jean Nouvel, who created the building by merging sea and desert through an architecture that enchants. Light is the absolute protagonist and filters through the parasol dome creating a discreet rain of reflections. The interior spaces have a movement that recalls the narrow streets of a medina and from time to time open up to the sea which almost seems to want to enter.
The building alone is worth the entrance fee.
Next to the Louvre, the cultural district of the city of Abu Dhabi is gradually growing with other museum entities such as the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, designed by Frank Gehry, which will be completed by 2026 and will be, you guessed it, the largest in the world among its namesakes. The Zayed National Museum, designed by Norman Foster as a memorial to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, father of the Union of the Seven Arab Emirates, the Maritime Museum by Tadao Ando and the Performing Arts Center by Zaha Hadid will also be built in this area.
If you plan a trip to these parts, don't miss this visit.
And when you are tired of so much culture and modern architecture, you can indulge in luxury relaxation on the nearby beaches of Saadiyat Island Have a good trip!

La cupola che crea riflessi

The dome that creates reflections

Il mare che entra

The sea that enters

Area attività didattiche

Educational activities area

Area attività creative

Creative activity area

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Q. How is it best to get around Abu Dhabi?
A. Abu Dhabi has a really large extension and the best way to get around is the taxi, very cheap and direct, it saves time.