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The Bavarian casket

Along the romantic road

[Tripper: Paola]
ITMovimento lentoRothenburg ob der Tauber

Half-timbered houses, cobbled streets lined with shops with wrought iron signs, medieval walls and towers. We are in the heart of Bavaria, along that romantic road that since 1950 has connected charming villages, guardians of millenary stories, between Würzburg and Füssen.
One of the most iconic towns on the road is Rothenburg perched on a hill above the Tauber River.

Vista del centro storico di Rothenburg da fuori le mura

View of the historic center of Rothenburg from outside the walls

Vista iconica di Rothenburg da Plönlein

Iconic view of Rothenburg from Plönlein

Walking through its streets you will have the sensation of déjà vu, because certainly, before leaving you will have seen it portrayed in some photos, especially the glimpse from Plönlein, the triangular square that intersects various streets, and shows the tower of Sieber which dates from 1385 and the Kobolzell gate from 1360.
But in towers, Rothenburg is really rich.
The historic center alone has 46 and a good part of it is visible along the walls (Turmweg), where information panels are also installed that tell you the particularity of each. The entire tour is about 4 kilometers long and it will take at least two hours to cover it, but it will give you splendid views both towards the valley and towards the historic center, allowing you to appreciate its typical houses such as the super photographed forge of Gerlach, formerly a workshop of a blacksmith, characterized by a beautiful pointed roof.
Do not miss to reach Galgentor, one of the towers that serves as the gateway to the town. The name of the tower refers to the destination of the place, which was originally a place of executions, where the gallows was mounted.
And the Weisse Turm and Markusturm towers, with the famous Röderbogen arch, which have stood intact since the twelfth century, as well as Burgtor, the castle tower that dates back to the end of the 1400s, cannot escape you either.

Rothenburg is a treasure trove of time and as such can only welcome you with legendary stories. The nicest is that of the mayor Nusch. It is said that, during the Thirty Years War, the Swedish general Tilly intended to destroy the city but if someone had managed to drink a glass of wine of over three liters in one gulp, he would have spared it. Burgomaster Nusch accepted the challenge personally and succeeded in the enterprise.
To remember this fact, a historical re-enactment takes place every year and on the facade of the old tavern of the town hall (today the Tourist Office), there is a clock from 1683 which, at every beat of the hour, shows a procession of stickers on the famous drunk.
When you are in the large market square, you will be faced with the imposing building of the Municipality (Rathaus) which flanks a Gothic part with a late Renaissance one with Baroque arcades.
Along Herrngasse, the street that runs alongside the town hall, be sure to enter Käthe Wohlfart's Weihnachtdorf, the shop where it's always Christmas. We, who collect Christmas balls from around the world, have come out loaded with bags.
We went there in the summer but Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a suitable destination for every season and the evening becomes truly magical.
Have a good trip!

Una delle torri che funge da portaa d

One of the towers that serves as the front door

Giro delle mura

Tour of the walls

Piazza del Municipio

Town Hall Square

Orologio con le figurine che rievocano la bevuta del borgomastro

Clock with stickers that recall the burgomaster's drink