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Being here is great!

In Rilke Bay

[Tripper: Paola]
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Being here is great! This is how Rainer Maria Rilke wrote in his Duino Elegies of the early 1900s, when he was a guest of the princes Thurn und Taxis, he was staying at the castle of Duino.
A simple and powerful adjective to describe a natural context of haunting beauty. Between Duino and Sistiana, there is a stretch of the Adriatic coast, long disputed between Italy, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Third Reich, Yugoslavia, all interested in controlling naval movements in the Gulf.

Baia di Sistiana (TS)

Sistiana Bay (TS- Italy)

Sentiero Rilke con vista verso Duino

Rilke path with a view towards Duino

Today such beauty is Italian and its territory is part of the province of Trieste. The white cliff that reaches 90 meters in height plunges straight into the sea like a blade, offering breathtaking views to those who want to walk the Rilke path which is part of the Duino Cliffs Nature Reserve.
The path can be followed both from Sistiana towards Duino and vice versa. From Sistiana you start from the Info Point along the fence of the campsite and among the black pines you can see the bay below: it appears as a treasure chest granted by the sea, to shelter from the winds, which in these parts know how to blow quite strongly.
Continuing further, you can reach the observation points created near the old bunkers of the Second World War. The gaze can range between the coast below and the karst plateau, crossing, in the meantime, the view of the spectacular Duino castle (visitable), clinging to the rock like a bird of prey. Under the castle there is a hidden beach that can be easily reached by sea, while by land the route exists but is definitely not within everyone's reach.
Along the path, shortly after the start on the Sistiana side, there is a refreshment point called Rifugio Rilke, which offers excellent cuisine, with an incredible view even in the evening.
If, on the other hand, you have more time, go down to the Bay and allow yourself at least one day to discover all it has to offer. There is only one street, you can't go wrong, but remember that in the bay all parking lots are paid. Alternatively, you can leave the car in Sistiana and walk down.
The beaches in the bay are all pebbly and you will find offers for all budgets. Immediately on the right, as soon as you arrive, you can enter the Caravella park which offers beaches equipped with services, canoe, sup and pedal boat rental, catering, children's games with a sandy area. There is also a beach for dogs.
On the left, however, there is the area called Castelreggio, where the beach is divided between free and equipped and catering services are always active. In the bay there are several sailing companies with a long tradition, which offer sailing courses even for children.
Beyond Castelreggio, the most refined area of the Bay opens up: the village of Porto Piccolo, born from the reconversion of the ancient quarry, by the Rizzani de Eccher group. In full respect of the colors of the territory, an elegant, low-impact context was born, capable of hosting members, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, a SPA and a small marina. The rhythm in Porto Piccolo is that of pampering, a slow time to indulge in luxury, between poolside aperitifs and high-level services.
Whatever your taste and availability, the Baia will captivate you for its beauty. Stroll among the boats of the marina with your nostrils saturated with sea air, turn back towards the pine forest, observe the cliff that meets the sea, wait for the sunset, have dinner on the beach. If you go down to the bay early in the morning, you will meet the fishermen returning from the night of fishing and maybe you can buy good fish for dinner; if, on the other hand, you prefer to go out to sea yourself, renting a canoe to reach the beach of the Duino castle, or board the green Delfino, which will take you to Trieste and / or Grado, and back, crossing the entire gulf.
Have a good trip!

Porto Piccolo

Porto Piccolo

Portopiccolo marina

Portopiccolo marina

Bagno in mare

Swim in the sea



faqScopri di più

Q. Is the Rilke trail suitable for people with disabilities?
A. People with reduced mobility can access the panoramic pitch on the cliffs, taking the path from Duino (the path is 250 meters long)

Q. How far is the Sistiana Bay from Trieste?
A. Trieste is 15 km from the Bay of Sitiana and can be reached from a splendid coastal road in about 15 minutes