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Waiting for Eurovision 2022

One Turin, one thousand Turin

[Tripper: Paola]
ITTorino è casa miaTorino, Piemonte

The opening of the Eurovision song contest 2022 is very close, which will take place in the magnificent setting of the Savoy city from 10 to 14 May 2022, mainly at the Palazzetto which already hosted many events of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

Piazza San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo

Piazzetta reale

Piazzetta reale

While waiting to see artists from 40 different countries alternate on stage, the city comes alive in its streets and squares, its museums, its historic cafes and shows itself in all its sober but authentic elegance. Turin has not yet fully learned to show itself, although after the Olympic event it has taken the right way, it still does not know how to sell itself as best as Florence and Venice do. Yet, Turin has a lot to tell: it has a rich heritage to leave to the tourist who dares to go as far as this corner of the Italian peninsula. Not infrequently the tourist who visits it without great expectations, is struck by a sense full of satisfaction and beauty, capable of lasting for a long time.

Piazza San Carlo would be enough to define Turin. This square is the refined and airy living room of Turin, with the equestrian monument of Emanuele Filiberto in the center, known to the Turinese as "Caval ed brons". The square is surrounded by arcaded buildings, each of which could tell you a different story. To the south, the square is bordered by the churches of Santa Cristina and San Carlo.

Raising your eyes and sharpening your eyes, you can discover a multitude of monsters who, from the facades of the buildings, observe everything. They are the other face of the city, that mysterious, ambivalent and intriguing Turin that can be better discovered in the dedicated tour Torino magica. Going along via Roma towards Palazzo Reale, you can enjoy arcades and shop windows, up to Piazza Castello. Here reigns supreme Palazzo Madama and, a little further on, the palace that belonged to the king.
It is the place where times mix between the past that still shows itself in its imposing royalty and the modern that presents itself with its topical themes. It is a lively square, enjoyable and enjoyed by the Turinese and tourists. In these days of approaching Eurovision, two guests appeared in the royal square: an elephant and a baby, white as milk, which are a preview of the exhibition "Animals at the Court. Lives never seen in the Royal Gardens ".

The various art installations exhibited in the Gardens, in the Palace and in the Royal Armory and in the Galleria Sabauda, are an invitation to awareness, to take a moment to think about how many vital forms inhabit our planet, how much beauty we are putting at risk every time. that we decide not to take care of it.

Enjoy Turin in all its offerings and then enjoy Eurovision music and tell everyone that Turin is beautiful.

Chiesa di San Lorenzo

Church of San Lorenzo

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