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In the shadow of the Mole

Tourists at home

[Tripper: Paola]
ITTorino è casa miaVenaria Reale, Piemonte

On all negative things, a good one Covid-19 did. Within the constraints imposed, which have removed full freedom of movement, we have rediscovered the taste of looking around the corner. Perhaps we have always known that beauty is also close to home, but what we have under our eyes, every day, escapes the dynamic of discovery, perhaps because it requires no effort, you don't have to do anything to deserve it.
To be able to read the nearby spaces with amazement, it would be enough to wear other eyes, as if we were tourists in our own home.

La Venaria Reale (Piemonte, Italia)

La Venaria Reale (Piedmont - Italy)

i Giardini - La Venaria Reale

The Gardens - La Venaria Reale

Instead, the reality we have around us we can only touch it with our eyes, and I think it is a question of space / time relationship.
The next space knows how to reconcile well with weekday time, we know its secrets to cross it more quickly, we have references for practically everything, the baker, the butcher, the pharmacy, the gas station. But we don't have eyes to see it. It is the faraway spaces, those that go hand in hand with the festive time, that place us for observation, which make us curious and open to welcoming beauty. It sounds a bit like "the neighbor's grass is always greener", but a disaster occurs worldwide and here the house becomes essential again.

I tanti post su instagram di questi tempi, ci raccontano di un risveglio collettivo verso la meraviglia dietro l’angolo.
The many posts on instagram these days, tell us of a collective awakening to the wonder around the corner.
There are those who discovered the woods behind the house, the lake a little further, there are those who have found the pleasure of walking slowly along the river, those who have noticed the smell of bread that invades the streets every morning, those who have caught the beauty in the cities orphans of noises, in the squares where the gurgling of the fountain water has returned sovereign.
On all negative things, a good one Covid-19 did, it gave us back awareness of what we took for granted, a more acute critical sense, a more mature pride of our territory.
There is wonder around the corner.
In the uncertainty of the moment, distant tourism gives way to proximity tourism but there is no compromise air, the scent is that of opportunity.
Behind our corner, in the shadow of the Mole, in an area of eighty hectares, stands one of the most beautiful Savoyard residences in the Piedmont area.
The imposing Royal Palace of Venaria had swinging fates and risked being forgotten. Duke Carlo Emanuele II of Savoy wanted it as a base for hunting trips in the nearby hilly moors at the gates of the Lanzo valley, a stone's throw from the city of Turin. It was their proximity tourism, a pleasant place to enjoy time, filling it with leisures and convivial and dancing entertainments.
Fortunately, a consortium of institutions (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Piedmont Region, European Community) did not let time erase it forever and allocating three hundred million euros gave the imposing restoration work in 1997.
Today the Reggia di Venaria is listed among the UNESCO sites, a World Heritage Site, and is one of the most visited sites in Italy.

Galleria Grande - La Venaria Reale

The Great Gallery - La Venaria Reale