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Rangers by vocation

[Tripper: Paola]
ITPensiero Libero

We could only inaugurate this new space dedicated to travel with an invitation without veils.
After all, the incentive to "take and leave" is the mission of Try a Trip, so we have no choice to persevere. But we don't want you all wanderers, ours is an invitation in a broad sense, because travel is first of all a mental condition, the one capable of making us curious about the things of life, of making us humble towards the greatness of the context in which we we move.

Parigi, Francia

Paris, France

Baia Chia - Sardegna, Italia

Baia Chia - Sardinia, Italy

It is not just a geographical, cultural or naturalistic fact, being travelers means discovering yourself, raising the bar of your limits to try to go further. On the way there are potholes, when the asphalt is rough, but what you learn by traveling is to look outside, to appreciate the wonder that the landscape offers. Uncertain and afraid, the first few times, like wandering birds that jump from branch to branch because they have not yet learned to fly, the travelers of the mind, little by little, learn.
They learn to be organized, so as not to get lost in dead times; resilient, to adapt to situations that happen; welcoming, to consider what the mind does not recognize among its usual scripts.
The exercise, as in all things, helps you to enter this space, to overcome your limits, to test yourself. Accepting an invitation to travel means saying "Yes" to the courage to go further.
Same beach, same sea is a format of security, tranquility, it is what allows you to enjoy the holiday time without thoughts, with known references that do not require effort.
It undoubtedly finds its value in the frenetic context that today's life imposes, but it ends all in the time of the holiday. The emotional engagement inherent in the "journey", from when you start with the organization to when you consume it, is instead an investment that lasts over time and over time acquires value like a good wine. Prizes and prizes are up for grabs: an open mind and a brave heart.

To inspire you in the best way, in addition to our instagram profile @tryatrip we have created this virtual space tryatrip.it where you can always find real stimuli , in various directions of the planet (our destinations) and of the mind (our subjects), to try to chase passions, and there, where your souls resonate, throw you a rope to which we hope you want to cling.
If, on the other hand, you are already among the many infected by the Ulysses factor, here you will find an inspirational space for the next destination, an opportunity for collaboration, a moment to relax reading travel experiences.
Come on, it's open!

... But I went for the open sea.
Dante - Inferno XXVI

Monte Bianco, Val D

Mont Blanc, Val D'Aosta, Italy