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Rovereto to discover

[Tripper: Paola]
ITMovimento lentoRovereto

Often overlooked while heading north, Rovereto is actually a rather interesting stop to add to your itinerary. Now that South Tyrol is warming up with the ski season at the door and its renowned Christmas markets, we advise you to stop in this town of forty thousand inhabitants, sentinel of the Brentonico Plateau, which moreover organizes a Christmas market known as Christmas of peoples.
Although small, Rovereto is internationally known for its important museum of modern art, the Mart, a widespread institution that consists of three different locations: the main museum, the Depero Futurist Art House, also in Rovereto and the Civic Gallery in Trento.

Castello di Rovereto

Rovereto Castle

Mura medievali della città

Medieval city walls

The complex that houses the main museum is accessed from a circular square dominated by a very scenic glass and steel dome. Inside, the space is spread over several floors that span art, mostly Italian, from the nineteenth century to the contemporary, passing through Futurism.
If you don't particularly love art, Rovereto will know how to get passionate about history, telling you about different eras from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from the eighteenth century to the events of the Great War, bitterly fought in the mountains around here and masterfully told at the Italian War History Museum.
The Museum is housed inside the castle of Rovereto, also known as Castel Veneto, a fifteenth-century military fortress built by the Castelbarco family and remodeled during the Venetian domination. The structure incorporates the medieval walls and the mighty bastions equipped with dozens of gunboats.
Rovereto also houses the bell of the Fallen, called Maria Dolens, a strongly evocative work that wants to remember the fallen in war of all nations. For this reason, the bell was originally made by casting the bronze of the guns of the nation’s participating in the First World War.
You can admire it by climbing up to the Miravalle hill or you can listen to it every evening while it beats as a warning, so as not to forget.

Returning to the city center, be sure to admire the Palazzo Del Bene, which shows off its Venetian style in Piazza Rosmini. From here you can take via Orefici to reach the fountain of Neptune, extend to piazza delle Erbe and beyond to the church of San Marco. When you are satisfied with your walk, do not fail to sip Marzemino, the typical wine expression of the territory.
Have a good trip!

Mura medievali della città

Mart's glass and steel dome

Interno del Mart

Interior of the Mart

FAQScopri di più

Q. Where is the largest bell in the world located?
A. The largest bell in the world is Maria Dolens, the bell of the fallen placed on the Miravalle hill above Rovereto. The bell has a diameter of over 3 meters.

Q. When does the Christmas market start in Rovereto?
A. The date is yet to be confirmed but should start on 25 November