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The great Parks of the Far West

[Tripper: Miky & Bosky]
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The America of the great parks is one of the most successful expressions of mother nature. Territorial vastness of a void so full as to fill every possible emotional gap. It is not only the beauty and variety of the landscapes that strike the senses, it is above all their incredible ability to make us feel in passing, as we were temporary guests of a geosphere that will live beyond our time.
So, when we arrive at Sequoia National Park, after 400 km of asphalt from Los Angeles, we immediately have reason to feel small, in the presence of those green giants that play with the clouds and live thousands of years.

Salto di Miky nella Monument Valley

Miky's jump into Monument Valley

Meditazioni guardando la valle

Meditations looking at the valley

And we are helpless humans even when sudden downpours flood the road we would have liked to take to reach Death Valley and we must irremediably surrender to travel 400 km more on the only alternative road open.
But the sky knows how to reward us with a sunset that takes away the profuse word but charges our heart with sounds. It's like having a soundtrack bouncing in your head. Maybe that was exactly what Pink Floyd wanted to tell us when they wrote Heart Beat, Pig Meat as the soundtrack for Zabriskie Point.
We decide to wake up at dawn (wake up at 5 am) just to see the sun rise at Zabriskie point, before leaving for the valley of fire, where nature becomes a painter. The valley of fire is a palette of colors, it looks like a giant version of those bottles where you compose works of art with colored sand.
Like in a movie, images scroll by which echo the emotions of Zion National Park, of Bryce Canyon where we allow ourselves the time both to travel, with our car, the Scenic drive, and to stretch our legs along the Navajo loop trail . After all, what a holiday it would be without a bit of healthy trekking.
The iconic nature of these spaces becomes the protagonist when we arrive at Canyonlands National Park: a canvas that time has been able to engrave with deep cuts like fractal curls. We boldly take the detour on Shafer Canyon Road and White Rim Road, accessible only to 4x4s, to reach Thelma and Louise Point and consume our flight of freedom to the end. We didn't jump into it, don't worry, we just enjoyed the absolute absence of constraints that this place inspires.
From the excavated earth of Canyonlands to the suspended arches of Arches National Park, it's a snap. The scenario completely changes but the amazement remains unchanged. It would deserve to write an article for each park crossed, because how can you not mention Monument Valley or Antelope Canyon or the Grand Canyon or Joshua Tree National Park but each writing will not do justice to what the eyes meet because it is really too much immense to encode it with spoken language: a 5308 km long story pitted in twelve intensely memorable days.
We tried to describe it in pictures, with the aim of sharing with you those emotions that then make you prepare your suitcase once again.
Then watch our video.

Video courtesy of Boskychannel.

Meditazioni guardando la valle

Bosky's strength

Arches national park

Arches national park

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