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The scents of the wind

San Daniele and its DOP

[Tripper: Paola]
ITSapori e coloriSan Daniele del Friuli

Tasting the product of a territory knowing its origin puts an extra taste in your mouth.
San Daniele is a small village in Friuli-Venezia Giulia halfway between the sea and the Alps, where peasant pride becomes excellence, because this is the land that gives rise to the homonymous raw ham, noble product with the DOP brand. br> Wandering through the streets of the village, the peasant nature emerges as an act of true love for the land. Everything is taken care of: the houses, the alleys, the terraces that allow you to look out onto a changing landscape. Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a region that already in its name conveys the essence of the meeting: meeting of people, meeting of tastes and traditions as always happens in border areas, or as here, in San Daniele, meeting of winds. This is the main feature that makes its raw ham so special: the cold wind from the north-east and the warm wind from the south-west mix and spread, creating a unique microclimate. The Tagliamento river does the rest by regulating the temperature and keeping the humidity constant.

Prosciutto crudo DOP di San Daniele

San Daniele PDO raw ham

Vicoli di San Daniele

San Daniele alleys

The legs of the pigs, mostly of the Large White breed, carefully chosen from the beginning to guarantee the taste characteristics of the ham, remain hung vertically exposed to the mixture of twenty for at least nine months, after having crossed, in the previous four months, the cold cycle.
Every aspect of the process is regulated by selective criteria and by obligatory, traced and meticulous steps, as meticulous as the people here know how to be. There are only 31 companies that can boast the San Daniele Prosciutto Consortium stamp because they respect the institution's criteria and values.
There is no visit in these parts that does not end up in a ham factory and we recommend it for two equally valid reasons.
First of all because the experience of sight will give you additional elements to appreciate what you put in your mouth: you will understand the amount of work and time spent on the care of those thighs, you will learn to distinguish an almost artisanal product compared to a more purely industrial one, you will value professionalism and tradition.
At the end of the visit, and this is the other reason, you can sit at the table and taste the bouquet of aromas and flavors that come from the earth: raw ham of course but not only: cheeses, pickles, polenta and wine.
You would come out ecstatic and to dispose of you can still take a walk to the eighteenth-century cathedral of the town, dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo, which recalls Palladio on the facade, or go as far as the precious jewel that is the Guarneriana Library, pride of San Daniele and Friuli whole, because it preserves ancient illuminated manuscripts. To visit it, however, you must book in advance.
Have a good trip and enjoy your meal!

Vicoli di San Daniele

Cathedral of San Daniele

Degustazione di prosciutto a San Daniele

Prosciutto tasting in San Daniele

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FAQScopri di più

Q. When is the ham festival celebrated in San Daniele?
A. Typically the event takes place at the end of August each year and lasts four days, during which ham tasting workshops are organized as well as masterclasses of wines and beers and other local products. Food and wine stands fill the streets of the town for a fragrant stroll

Q. Who checks the originality of San Daniele ham?
A. In 1961 a consortium was established which holds the Production Regulations and checks that it is correctly applied by all 31 member companies. Only the ham with the Consortium stamp is produced according to tradition.