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Mediterranean Symphony

The walls of Peschici speak

[Tripper: Paola]
ITPensiero LiberoPeschici, Puglia

If Italy is a boot, the Gargano is its spur and Peschici is right there, perched 90 meters above the sea, white and bright
There is what you expect from a Mediterranean town. Narrow streets, white houses with blue doors, tables with checked tablecloths, garlic and chillies hung out to dry in the sun.

Case bianche di Peschici

White houses of Peschici

Scorcio di Peschici

Glimpse of Peschici

Then, there are the roofs: the sloping and domed ones, to tell of historical periods with dominations of different origin, as well as the access to the historic center delimited by the arch with the tower that the Peschicians call "Porta del Ponte" . Here once there was a drawbridge that closed the town, together with the medieval walls equipped with defensive towers.
The streets of the center are an invitation to go slow: every corner looks like a painting, where color is the absolute protagonist. The clusters of houses, all white, give space to the green of the prickly pears, the blue of the domes, the red of the chillies, the remnants of the sea in the distance.
We go up to the Castle, a defensive bulwark against Saracen and pirate raids. It was built by the Normans around the year 1000 and today, after several interventions over the years, what is left is privately owned. You can still visit, for a fee, the ancient dungeons, where there were probably weapons and food stores and prisons. Inside there is an exhibition of torture machines, macabre enriched by drawings that explain their use.
Even if the topic of the exhibition does not excite you, the visit is worth the cost of the ticket, because the route gives access to interesting venues and a splendid terrace overlooking the sea.
From this point of view, the eye can reach the small harbor and the bay of Peschici, a quiet sandy beach near the city. Just beyond, however, is the bay of Jalillo, which in the local dialect means small beach. The bay is hidden by a rock formation but can be easily accessed from Marina di Peschici.
If you decide not to enter the castle, you can approach the Belvedere that stands out on the sea, still offering a boundless view, protected by an iron railing adorned with the usual padlocks, as required by a fashion that seems to have reached every corner of the world. But they are not annoying, because they remain good symbols, of declared promises. We are most struck by the mural below which, although slightly worn, returns a phrase by Daisaku Ikeda: "it is possible to make a country beautiful if you have a wonderful, bright, beautiful and strong heart, more than anything else" accompanied by a dedication to Romano Conversano.
It seems a simple thought, absolutely acceptable, but there is much more.
Ikeda is a Buddhist philosopher who has dedicated his existence to the spread of peace and the growth of individuals, as a fundamental piece of education and civilization. The phrase is a message of love for the common good: it tells us that whoever has a bright and strong heart does not ruin what is around him, because he feels like his home more wonderful than him.
Therefore, he does not put out cigarettes in flower pots, he does not randomly urinate wherever he happens, he does not throw papers on the floor or leave the dirt of his dog. It seems that we often forget the simplest gesture of love that we can express: respect.
And so I think that the padlocks that are promises of love between individuals must be echoed by a greater love for their land.
This is the kind of love that Romano Conversano, an Istrian artist with an Apulian father, wanted to restore to his origins. In 1957, after having lived in Spain and for a long time in Milan, he bought a castle in Peschici to make it his studio and gave prestige to the Gargano town through his paintings.
This is the kind of love that we like to take in our raids around the world, which is our most wonderful country.
Have a good trip!

Scorcio di Peschici

Belvedere with the phrase of Daisaku Ikeda

Terrazza del castello con vista sulle spiagge

Castle terrace overlooking the beaches

FAQScopri di più

Q. Where can you park to visit Peschici?
A. To reach the historic center of Peschici it is possible to park in a private paid parking lot at the following address: Sotto strada, Corso Garibaldi, 118

Q. Who is the patron saint of Peschici?
A. The patron saint of the town is Sant’Elia Profeta, who is celebrated on July 18th