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Turin, the magic

Black-white by vocation

[Tripper: Paola]
ITTorino è casa miaTorino, Piemonte

Turin is black and white.
We are not talking about football, of course. We are talking about the double soul of the Savoy city, which manifests itself in a constant dichotomy, made up of places, symbols, characters of contrast.

Statua di piazza Statuto

Statue of Piazza Statuto

Statua di piazza Solferino

Statue of piazza Solferino

Imagine the planet crossed by infinite lines of energy, which at times brush without touching each other, at times instead intersect so closely that they create points of accumulation. Turin is a city of accumulation and it is as much for black magic as for white magic.
Together with London and San Francisco it creates the triangle of black magic. Together with Paris and Lyon, Turin closes the triangle of white magic.
Don't stop reading, just because you are skeptical. Esotericism teaches you to look beyond the surface, to see what most people don't see. Then maybe it is worth getting involved to discover something more.
You could discover a surprising Turin, which divides its soul between black and white, alternates light and shadow, offers intriguing interpretative spaces.
Starting from Piazza Statuto you will certainly notice the monument that occupies it. It is a mass of stones on which the white angels attempt to climb. The monument was created by the students of the Albertina Academy in 1879, to commemorate those who lost their lives while excavating the Frejus tunnel, that connects Italy with France. On the stone at the top, in fact, there are the names: “Sommeiller, Grandis and Grattoni”, the three engineers who designed the railway tunnel.
Nothing so intriguing, you will say, but this is where you are wrong. At the top of the monument stands a black angel, looking surprisingly towards the city center, rather than towards the mountain, as it would have made more sense. It is said that it looks towards the center of white energy, concentrated in the most central squares such as piazza Solferino and piazza Castello, where it is said that the chain of royal square represents the dividing point between good and evil. The angel could be Lucifer, since his hand is stretched towards the earth, in a gesture that seems to indicate the place of his fall.
The dichotomy between good / evil, which in Piazza Statuto has only the beginning of its narrative, is found in places and city symbols with such frequency as to let imagine the search for a balance.
in some places in history it is more evident than ever. Just think of the point that the Turinese like to call Rondò della Forca, where Corso Regina meets Corso Principe Eugenio. Here until the end of the 19th century the gallows stood and the executioner executed murderers and traitors of the state, the reason for the sinister name that recalls death and darkness. What many don't notice, however, is the statue standing at the side of the rotunda. It is Giuseppe Cafasso, the priest who accompanied the condemned, trying to leave them a word of comfort before the end.
Cafasso was part of the Arciconfraternita della Misericordia, established in March 1578, by concession of the Duke Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, precisely to relieve the conditions of the prisoners and to accompany them towards the light. Darkness and Light, black and white to compete for space.
If it is the white soul you are looking for, you must reach Piazza Solferino, to discover the allegorical Angelica fountain in the center. The two huge statues are Boaz and Jaquin, supporters of the Pillars of Hercules, who together introduce the path to knowledge, represented by water. Knowledge is light, a journey to be made according to Masonic dictates, step by step. And it is fantastic to see how the details leave traces of history almost everywhere. Under some buildings in Turin hide the Infernotti, a sort of cellars, where the Masons used to hold secret meetings. On the doors of those buildings you can see the symbols of Freemasonry.
Even if you are not yet completely intrigued, following the tracks, like hounds, to be revealed, little by little, a story, is really a nice way to enjoy the city. You can do it together with Somewhere Tour, which for over twenty years has shed light on the esoteric shadows, guarded by the city.
Have a good trip!

Statua di piazza Solferino

The Infernotti (cellars)

Catenella di piazza Castello

Chain of piazza Castello

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