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Dubrovnik, the indomitable

Timeless pearl

[Tripper: Paola]
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Built in the seventh century, survived the Byzantine rule first, then the Venetian one, and again the bombings of 1991, Dubrovnik or Ragusa, for the most nostalgic, retains its vocation for prosperity, despite having transformed its business over time. Today it is in fact one of the most popular destinations on the Adriatic
We reached it by plane, landing at the city airport and thanks to a transfer offered by the chosen hotel, we reached our destination in the Babin Kuk area.

Ragusa - Dubrovnik

Ragusa - Dubrovnik

Porto Vecchio

Old harbor

Babin Kuk is the northernmost area of the Ragusa peninsula. The old town is only 4km away, but here you are surrounded by green and blue. Much less chaotic than the historic center, in this area you can access the sea from the rocks or even from the largest public beach in the city: Copacabana Beach. There are countless paths for walking in the pine forest and various places to spend a quiet evening.
Reaching the historic center is very simple: you can do it on foot with a nice walk or, if you prefer, you can use the efficient public bus service.
The city was the film set of the "Game of Thrones" saga and this has brought it further fame, as well as an expansion of the tourist offer.
In the center you will find guided tours that will show you the iconic places of the saga, will tell you anecdotes about the scenographic choices and will take you to the shop that houses the Throne used in the filming.
Departing from Port Gruz, in the Lapad area, there are galleons that circumnavigate the peninsula up to take you inside the old port, offering you an aperitif and fun moments of themed disguises. You can take on the role of Jon Snow or Queen Daenerys Targaryen.
Whatever your tastes, in any case the historic center will fascinate you. Surrounded by mighty walls, on which we recommend you go up and do the whole tour (paid access), the center is accessible only to pedestrians, through several gates.
Overlooking the main cobbled street, you will find the most symbolic buildings: Onofrio's well that supplied the city with water, Palazzo Sponza in piazza della loggia, the Clock Tower, the Rectors' palace.
Beyond the buildings, whose history you can explore at will, it is the city atmosphere that involves even the most detached tourist. Crowded but livable, glamorous without being snobbish, lighting designed to be enveloping without being intrusive. You really want to stroll through its alleys.
A gem not to be missed, outside the walls, is the Fortress of San Lorenzo, built as a lookout, to further protect the city and reaffirm the sense of independence of its people. At the entrance to the fortress you can read the inscription "Non Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro" that is: Freedom is not sold even for all the gold in the world.
And if you like the overall views, take the cable car up to Mount Srđ, the view from up there is breathtaking, with the red roofs of Ragusa bordered by the intense blue of the sea.
An excellent destination even just for a long weekend, dedicated to relaxation.
Have a good trip!

Porto Vecchio

Gruz harbor

Tryatrip a Dubrovnik

Tryatrip in Dubrovnik

FAQScopri di più

Q. Why visit Dubrovnik?
A. Dubrovnik is the ideal destination for combining tourist, historical and naturalistic visits with recreational activities, such as sport and relaxation and body care. Many hotels offer spas and gyms.

Q. What types of beaches are there in Dubrovnik?
A. In Dubrovnik there are all kinds of beaches: sandy, rocky, pebble. Banje Beach facing the old town is made of sand mixed with gravel. In the Lapad area the beaches are mostly pebbly (Uvala Beach) while on the island of Lopud you will find the beautiful sandy beach of Sunj.

Q. What day trips can I take from Dubrovnik?
A. From Dubrovnik various day trips are possible, such as: Mostar and the Kravice waterfalls; Montenegro to the Bay of Kotor; the tour of the Elaphiti islands with the possibility of snorkeling in the Blue cave.

Q. Were any movie made in Dubrovnik?
A. Yes, Dubronik was the film set of the very famous Game of Thrones series and its historic center was also the protagonist in Episode VIII - The Last Jedi of Star Wars, where it was featured as Canto Bight, the casino city