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Zaragoza: an open-air book

[Tripper: Paola]
ITImpara l’arteSaragozza,

Inserted as a stopover to reach the Basque country from Barcelona, Zaragoza was a really pleasant surprise. Cut in two by the Ebro river, the city has a lot to offer: it is pleasant to walk through its streets, or along the river but it is even more pleasant to be bewitched by its buildings that reflect the different tastes of the various peoples who have dominated it. in different historical periods.
Conquered by the Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians, the legacy of each one lives in its architecture. The huge Plaza del Pilar was the religious, political and social center of the Roman city of Caesaraugusta and still retains this role with its cathedrals. Admire the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Pilar, which dominates the city wherever you look. From a distance its towers, the large dome and another ten smaller domes stand out. Up close you will be able to appreciate the multicolored tiles of the roof.

Cupole della Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Pilar

Domes of the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Pilar

Plaza del Pilar

Plaza del Pilar

Beautiful in the evening, when it acquires a light capable of enveloping the visitor in a soft embrace, beautiful during the day when the additional elements such as the statue dedicated to Francisco de Goya, the most famous painter in the city and the Fountain of Hispanidad, are also more appreciated. which, composed of stone blocks, symbolically represents the shape of Latin America and the caravels of Columbus. In this square we got lost in taking a thousand artistic or funny photos, to underline in any case how much we liked it.
Radically different is the Aljaferia palace, built for defensive purposes in the eleventh century, it became the leisure residence of the ruler Al-Muqtadir, during the Arab domination.
The battlements of the splendid portico are an explicit testimony of this, but the building is like a history book and also tells of the additions and reinterpretations made after the Christian reconquest. The oldest part of Aljaferia is the "Torre del Trovador".
The city also teems with youth who come here to study, finding an international university environment less expensive and chaotic than Barcelona or Madrid.
It is a nice place to spend time even with the family, with special offers such as the more unique than rare river aquarium, and a rather appreciable traditional cuisine.
Our advice is not to overlook it if you are planning a tour in the north of Spain.
Have a good trip!

Plaza del Pilar

Hispanidad Fountain

Porticato dell

Arcade of the Aljaferia