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Colorful Mood

Among the blooming tulips

[Tripper: Paola]
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There are images so iconic that each of us, seeing them, is able, immediately, to classify and locate them. Among these we can certainly include the fields of tulips in bloom.
Undoubtedly, your mind will have already rushed to the Dutch lowlands, where the bulbs of these "turban" flowers have found more than suitable soil, since, in the distant Dutch golden age, they were imported from their homeland: ancient Persia.

Tulipani colorati

Colorful tulips

Bulbi in vendita

Bulbs for selling

There is no better time than spring to talk about flowers and enter this colorful mood that brings joy.
And there is no better place than Holland, which occupies first place in the world for exports of this particular sector which alone accounts for almost 7% of total agricultural exports.

There are several ways to experience a flower experience as a visitor. Everyone will find the one that suits them best considering that, from the polders in the north, such as Flevoland, to the area south of Amsterdam, this season, everything is about flowers.
Amsterdam itself has flowers on every street corner and the flower market on the Singel canal, between Muntplein and Koningsplein, is always active.
Here you can buy bulbs to take home to have, even in your garden, a piece of Holland, unless you live in the United States, to which it is not possible to take the bulbs by plane. You will find not only Tulips, but also Calle of all colors, Iris, Amaryllis and Gladioli.

Moving south from the capital, you can take a nice bike ride through the fields around the villages of Lisse and Hillegom, renting bicycles in front of the Keukenhof park entrance, which in this period opens its doors to take you inside the most colorful garden on the planet. Located about 30 km from Amsterdam, the area is easily accessible by buses provided by the park organization, directly from Amsterdam and other locations, or from Schiphol International Airport.
The cycle paths are within everyone's reach, because they are mostly flat and of varying length, in order to be compatible with the physical abilities of everyone.
Along the paths you can meet farms where you can get in touch with the growers, or simply free your imagination to immortalize yourself together with the flowers in poses perfect for Instagram.
If you don't want to struggle at all, you can also choose the fun self-guided tour with Twizy electric quadricycle.

If you make it this far, it is worth entering the park; even if the visit is likely to be quite crowded, it is interesting to see the floral compositions that various companies have created for the occasion, combining flowers and colors in what almost becomes an art. You will also get to know the many varieties of tulips, which we are sure will amaze your eyes.
For lovers of travel experiences and the particularities that each territory can express, once in a lifetime you have to come here in spring. And in the evening you can also enjoy the lively life of the capital.

Bulbi in vendita

Tulips joke

Tulipani ad Amsterdam

Tulips in Amsterdam