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At Antonella's house

Italian home restaurant

[Tripper: Paola]
ITSapori e coloriVieste, Puglia

The idea of ​​the Home Restaurants is not a novelty of yesterday, it is almost 20 years old. Born from an offshoot of the sharing economy, the same that brought us AirBnB and Uber, the catering, home format, kicks off in the effervescent San Francisco around 2003. Then this nascent form of catering was defined Guerrilla Restaurant, recalling the concepts expressed by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book Guerrilla Marketing. The term Guerrilla refers to the Vietnamese guerrillas who, albeit with much more limited resources, were able to defeat the United States, using creativity. Guerrilla marketing as well as guerrilla catering is based on the idea that even with few economic resources, great results can be achieved.
It all depends on the goal.

La terrazza di Antonella

Antonella Terrace

Quartiere ottocentesco di Vieste

Vieste nineteenth-century district

You may want to turn your home into a restaurant to supplement, or to create opportunities to meet new people; home restaurants can also arise from the desire of young chefs to make their way, to propose their idea of ​​cooking to the world without too much investment.
Antonella's story starts from the desire to regain possession of one's time.
Always a restaurateur, owner of successful premises, Antonella decides one day that the time has come to enjoy life in its entirety and to recover space beyond work.
Probably the pandemic crisis helped her in her decision, but the root of the change is elsewhere: she sells everything and opens her small business on the terrace of her house:
Antonella Home Restaurant
The location is amazing. Immediately after the entrance, overlooking a beautiful street of the nineteenth-century district, high and irregular stone steps lead to the upper floors. On the third and top floor, Antonella's door opens and welcomes us into her home, as if we were old friends. He makes us go up again, crossing his house, until we reach the terrace overlooking the roofs of Vieste.
The atmosphere is magical, the large space is furnished with imagination and stile: candles that emanate a warm light, colored cushions, furnishings with an exotic taste and the tables, all different, help to create an idea of ​​comfort.
There are other guests besides us, already seated to sip a fresh wine.
The menu, fixed at a fixed price, recovers the Apulian tradition and brings it to the table in the fullness of its tastes. The gem is the narration that accompanies each dish, explained starting from the ingredients of the territory, passing through the recipe recovered from family traditions, all enriched by anecdotes and an invitation to diners to recognize tastes.

The convivial atmosphere is winning. The stories of the hostess and her interest in the guest's experiences are an invitation to sociality, a stimulus to open up to the other to welcome his story and thus begin to be part of it.
At the end of the evening, after countless courses in a crescendo of tastes, you take home more than an excellent dinner.
Experimenting with a Home Restaurant is a holistic experience: an accumulation of sensory stimuli, but also a riot of memories, a space of time where humanity is at the center.
In Italy there are already many, scattered along the peninsula, because you like the idea.
Our invitation is to try to come back.

Quartiere ottocentesco di Vieste

Tryatrip by Antonella

Veduta di Vieste

View of Vieste (Puglia)