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Let's discover Coratina

Spicy, bitter, authentic

[Tripper: Paola]
ITMovimento lentoCastel del Monte, Andria

But think about it ... these trees are so many years old that they have seen the birth and the end of the Roman Empire, that they have lived, silent but fruitful, the years of the Middle Ages and renew themselves further with the rebirth of the 1500s. In orderly and well-spaced rows, to allow them to anchor themselves to the earth with a broad embrace, they have lived through the world wars and have come to us still vital, still generous with fruits.
Among the millenary olive trees of Puglia, we rediscover once more the beauty and strength of nature, which survives us; has the ability to perpetuate his infinite generosity over time, and today, like a thousand or two thousand years ago, he gives us Coratina.

Ulivi Millenari

Millennial olive trees

Tronchi scultorei

Sculptural trunks

If you're wondering what it is, I confess that before this experience, I didn't even know it. But let's go in order. Corato is a small Apulian town in the metropolitan city of Bari. This is where this prodigious olive tree takes its name, with its extensive foliage, capable of adapting to any terrain, making it resistant and long-lived.
The plant can be recognized by the foliage, which is quite wide but with short branches. The trunks look like works of art: with their convoluted sculptures they launch the imagination to identify shapes. Coratina olives are small, ovoid and slightly asymmetrical. They have all the Apulian sun inside, passing from a color tending to yellow, to a purplish black when they reach maturity, which takes place between November and January. This olive is particular because it is rich in polyphenols, which give it a slightly bitter, a little spicy taste.
Its oil has a strong character, it is not a simple condiment, but makes itself felt in all its intensity, bringing the fruity flavor of Puglia, the scent of its grass, the strength of its sun to the taste buds.
You have to try to enjoy it on toast, without anything else, closing your eyes and imagining yourself in the middle of a field. You will see how the flavors light up, how it teases your palate.
You can also do it at one of the many Masserie distributed in the rural areas of Puglia. Our experience took place at the Masseria Brancati , whose story comes from afar and lends itself to an engaging narrative that takes you underground, to the underground oil mill, where the olive juice was squeezed. It was done in secret to steal it from the eyes of those who improperly wanted to make it their own. Months of confinement to work that precious product, close to each other, without natural light, without a real bed, without a real bathroom. Oil was coveted by many, once precious, as a fuel, precious today as a food of excellence.

After all, the ambition around this product has never changed, it is exercised only in different ways, today counterfeiting is used, trying to replicate it badly.
Buy only quality products, because this is good for everyone!

Tronchi scultorei

The foliage

Ingresso frantoio ipogeo (Masseria Brancati)

Entrance to the underground oil mill (Masseria Brancati)