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ModArte Fushion for Made in Italy tourism

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ITPensiero LiberoTorino, Piemonte

There is a metaphysical space where Art, Fashion and Tourism enter into a relationship by creating windows on worlds: it’s Made in Italy.
The brand of brands, which makes Italy big in the world despite the small geographical size, does not only contain an idea of ​​product quality, but is the aggregator of all the cultural, artistic and maieutic capacity of the beautiful country. And we find a perfect expression of it in the physical space of the Torino Outlet Village, thanks to the synergistic project created by Somewhere Tour & Events in collaboration with Accademia Albertina and Torino Outlet Grandi Firme.

Dipinto: Ritratto di signora (1929), Artista: Gabriele Domenico Casu, Abito: Elisabetta Franchi

Painting: Portrait of a Lady (1929), Artist: Gabriele Domenico Casu, Dress: Elisabetta Franchi

Dipinto: La Femme (1895), Artista: SongYi Zhang, Abito: Roberto Cavalli

Painting: La Femme (1895), Artist: SongYi Zhang, Dress: Roberto Cavalli

The ingredients are of quality, the recipe revisits a natural and timeless propensity of humanity: the desire to show off.
Put an artist like Guglielmo Grosso, dear to the aristocracy and bourgeoisie of the early twentieth century; he loved to paint women who loved to dress following the fashion of the time. Thus were born the elegant portraits of Clotilde Gallo (1920), the Portrait in the open air (1902), the Portrait of a lady (1929) and La Femme (1895).
Put some great names in Italian fashion: Ixos, Elisabetta Franchi, Roberto Cavalli and Flavio Castellani, who bring their inspiration told in enchanting dresses to the project.
Put the painters of the Albertina Academy of Turin, which brings its artists among the people as an integral part of it: two Italians and two Chinese: Xiang Li, Stefano Merlo, Gabriele Domenico Casu, SongYi Zhang, to underline the international extension of the recipe .
Put an open mind of the owner of the Outlet Village, capable of grasping the proposal of territorial realities of excellence that wink at the tourist.
Put a nice place, where you can stroll without haste and recover the time to take care of yourself.
Put the idea that holds everything together, that the aforementioned maieutic art acts, and brings out the culture, art and history of the country in one breath.
This is the meaning of Made in Italy, a product appreciated because it is rich in meanings, not improvised, not temporary.
This is the reason why foreigners appreciate Italy and elevate it to the tourist destination of dreams: they want the wealth of the world that lies behind its label.

The photographer who captures the painter, who paints, in the midst of the people, the model, who wears the signed dress and re-proposes a pose of a portrait of a lady from the early twentieth century, tells just this.
It is not something reserved for a few, it happens among people because it has to do with all of us, every time we take a picture in our best pose and post it on Instagram, every time we create a video editing, sing and dance for tiktok .

Fashions change, techniques change, means of communication change, but Italian creativity remains unchanged, able to find a thousand and more ways to express itself.

After the vernissage on Saturday 25 September, the works will remain on display for a month in the windows of the participating brands, to allow everyone to participate in the challenge: portray themselves in the same pose as Giacomo Grosso's muses and share them with the hashtag #ritrattiallamoda and the Torino Outlet Village tag!
The nicest ones will be featured on the social media profiles of the Torino Outlet Village.

Dipinto: La Femme (1895), Artista: SongYi Zhang, Abito: Roberto Cavalli

Painting: Portrait in the open air (1902), Artist: Xiang Li, Dress: Flavio Castellani

Dipinto: Ritratto di Clotilde Gallo (1920), Artista: Stefano Merlo, Abito: Ixos

Painting: Portrait of Clotilde Gallo (1920), Artist: Stefano Merlo, Dress: Ixos

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