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The #shotarthouse Challenge is out

[Tripper: Paola]
ITTorino è casa miaTorino, Piemonte

We are in front of a painted facade: black, red, white combined in iconic figures of our time, LED lights to emphasize them in the evening, to reaffirm the tricolor of authentic Made in Italy.
Thus begins the evening with Svela-TO, the idea of ​​Somewhere, to reveal somewhat hidden worlds, which want to talk about themselves and reverse the course of the isolation said by the pandemic, to return to being - Social Beings -.

Scopri dove a Torino #shotarthouse

Find out where in Turin #shotarthouse

Italian Passion Art House

Italian Passion Art House

The last experience leads us into the story of MycroMart - Italian Passion Art House, a treasure chest of fantasy made in Italy, a place permeated with inspiration, where you can touch creativity and, if you want, you can take a piece of it home to always have it in front of your eyes, to remind us of the answer to the question:

What is art?
- A match, the Ferrari, a key ring, Guernica, a cell phone, a comic, a star screwdriver, the Parthenon. Everything that man's creativity has drawn is Art, without any difference -

So says Amleto dalla Costa @amletodallacosta , an all-round eclectic artist, known above all for his iconic representations of female forms.
Basically, we are art, our highest expression.
We are all artists every time we express our creativity with a thought, with an object, with a project.
So, while we toast to our being creative, with the bubbles offered by Wined'ora , we want to throw you a CHALLENGE .
Activate your imagination and your desire to express yourself, go where Svela-TO takes you.
Find out where this place is in Turin, take a photo that portrays yourself with the art object that most captures and post the photo on Instragram with hastag:

Let's reaffirm together the value of the meeting, so that the synergy of souls in comparison becomes a source of creation.

Italian Passion Art House

Inside Art House

Dentro l

Inside Art House

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