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That day on the moon

The power of imagination

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ITScienziati per un giornoCape Canaveral, Florida

Cape Canaveral - Florida: a high-sounding name, which immediately refers to epic stories of space conquests.
Just hearing its name comes to mind the blue symbol with the logo of NASA, the National American Space Agency.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Space Shuttle Atlantis

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Space Shuttle Atlantis - details

Cape Canaveral is in fact the strip of land, stretching out towards the Atlantic Ocean, which houses the Kennedy Space Center, where the launch structures of NASA's space carriers and now also of Space X, the private company created in 2002 by the visionary Elon Musk (the same who created Tesla), are installed.
This is not just about numbers, technicalities, calculations, trajectories, it's about creative and courageous men, it's about the modern history of humanity.
The area is huge, it stretches over 50km and employs more than 17,000 people.
To welcome the public, after having crossed the entrance gates, the words of the American president John F. Kennedy, pronounced in 1962 at Rice University in Houston to relaunch the American space program. These are the years of the cold war.
The Russian Gagarin has just made an orbital flight, the first man in history. The American attempt failed.
The US has just tried to overthrow Fidel Castro's regime in the Bay of Pigs but it fails and there is embarrassment.
They need a strong message to the population, a sign of recovery that restores confidence. Kennedy's promise is all in one sentence: "We have chosen to go to the Moon". The feat, backed by huge funding, took place in 1969, seven years later, however, when Kennedy had already met her killer.
Finding oneself in the witness spaces of that mission means being projected into an epic dimension beyond compare. There is a feeling that crosses borders and makes you feel proud to belong to a race that had the courage to imagine and the ability to make a dream come true.
Entering the Apollo-Saturn V Center, you feel part of that story: you walk among the heroes of those years in the Hall of Fame, grasp the enormity of the undertaking, feeling tiny in the presence of the Saturn V rocket, illuminated like a monument.
You can also touch the Moon: a fragment of its surface is preserved here. Even a soul not inclined to enthusiasm is moved.
It takes courage and a certain amount of recklessness to move forward without knowing whether the company will be good or bad, but without imagination there is no progress.

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NASA's Kennedy Space Center

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