Travel and Covid: cross and delight

Let's go, maybe not, wait

[Tripper: Miky & Bosky]
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Spiaggia da sogno Giulia saw a video on TikTok and now she wants to go to Vietnam.
Luca instead dreams of Louisiana because of The Vampire Diaries series.
Simone, for a long time now, has wanted to go to Russia, I think he is interested in discovering the location of a video game from life.
Then there is me, who can't think of anything but everything would be fine with me.

The fact is that traveling in the time of Covid requires considerable effort.
In addition to the health issue, it is necessary to evaluate organizational, economic and psychological aspects capable of cooling enthusiasm.
- What if I get positive before I leave?
- What if they lock me in quarantine when I'm there?
- And if I have to change flights, how much will it cost me?

So you leave less and go less far: perhaps you use your own means and rent residences rather than using hotels.
Everything to try to save the departure, the return, the wallet and the mood of the holiday itself.
Or you just don't leave.

It almost feels like the visionary McLuhan's global village has come to a halt. Since its surprising theorizing of the sixties we have seen it broad and then expand its boundaries more and more, for more and more people.
With the pandemic, on the other hand, the almost absolute mobility of people risks being locked in their heads, a potential that no longer finds expression.
Too many unknowns, too many difficulties.

But there are also those who resist and insist: Miky and Bosky do not give up.
They are grammatically voice of the verb GO, first person plural.
Unstoppable, volcanic, they arrange their two Golden retrievers, Pippo and Gea, and leave.
They wear comfortable clothes, backpack, Drone, Go pro, and a bright smile for another of their feast of emotions, adventures, troubles and solutions to invent.
Their latest departure, despite the relaxing destination (it happens rarely), is no exception. Watch the video and find out what they've been up to.

Video courtesy of Boskychannel

I recommend, whatever the position between freely traveling without worries or holding back while waiting for more peaceful times, be positive.
Wait! Indeed no!

Panorama maldiviano

Maldivian panorama

Tramonto sulla spiaggia

Sunset on the beach