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Traveling with children as an educational path

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Aprire la mente per immaginare il futuro Traveling with children is possible. And it doesn't matter if they are small and will remember little of the trip. However, what will remain in their memory will be something important: it will be the experience of the journey, the ability to find the key to fuel that innate curiosity that stimulates learning, the ability to extricate oneself in managing non-routine situations, in unknown places, with strangers.
Perhaps they won't remember that particular museum or that enchanting landscape, immortalized in fifteen almost identical photos, taken only because the light had changed. But when the practice of travel is settled in their cognitive universe, it will become a heritage and their sixth sense will be activated forever.
We like to call it the tool that always makes what is different from what they know or recognize plausible. It is the ability to confront oneself without fear, with the awareness that each meeting can be an opportunity to rethink oneself, to generate wider meanings, the result of multiple points of view, as in an extraordinary painting by Picasso.
We like to think that traveling expands the vocabulary of the mind, enriching it with new concepts: faces with unusual features that modify the idea of beauty, unexplored flavors that the palate learns to discover, unusual crafts that sight encounters to expand the universe-work , practice of the little things that move the reflection on our daily life.
At birth we are blank pages, which fill up, day after day, as we begin to explore with our hands, touching everything, while we taste things, even the less appropriate ones, while we observe curious. Everything becomes the code of the mind transforming the particular into universal.
In drafting our personal diary, the encounter with other cultures can only add chapters to its content.
In this sense, traveling with children must be done.
In order to give them a concrete opportunity to grow with an open mind, they must be provided with tools that enable them to welcome cultural distances, not to break them down, but to find themselves more aware of diversity.
Even the imagination will be more fervent because the pool of ideas to draw on will be wider.
If we think of travel as a metaphor for life, it is easy to persuade ourselves that this going towards a certain destination would not make sense if we were not able to enjoy the panorama along the way, a panorama that, in addition to being visual, tangible at times, is experiential .
Stimulating our children in this direction seems to us an integral and indispensable part of their education.

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