Toward the gold of Jaisalmer

Along the ancient silk route

Bikaner is the second stop on our tour of Rajasthan, carried out in an anti-clockwise direction (...continue)

We travel in style, looking for unique experiences
We love to inspire people and invite them to make lasting memories

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The secrets of a perfect trip

How to create an unforgettable adventure

Thinking of planning a family or company trip?
Planning carefully is the key to creating unforgettable memories that keep all travel companions happy. Read first. Read a lot and everywhere, let yourself be guided by instinct and write down the things that stimulate the right vibration. (continue...)

Madness organized in 40 liters

How to pack a light suitcase in style

When it's time to pack your bags, the second part of the journey begins. Yes, because you lived the first part while planning your itinerary and imagining everything that would welcome you once you arrived on the spot.
Packing your suitcase might seem like a boring activity but (continue...)

Contaminating ourselves to grow is the idea that pushed Fiavet Piemonte and us at Tryatrip to create the first workshop dedicated to Social Media at the service of tourism marketing. In the splendid context of Palazzo Rey (...continue)
Laura Audi is a passionate scholar and lover of Turin. In her book the secrets hidden in the extraordinary houses of the city (...continue)

Mandawa is located on the ancient caravan routes that connected China and the Middle East (...continue)
Thinking of Spanish beaches, the mind runs towards the Mediterranean coast: Costa Brava, Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol, where more or less famous places follow one another and are teeming with life and people (...continue)

There are people who dedicate their entire lives to claiming denied rights; history is studded with these battles and when they are victorious, everyone benefits (...continue)
Booklets to entertain children, having fun with a travel theme (Edutainment) (...continue)