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Educational Tour: a bridge across the sky

The importance of collaborations

What do an association of travel agencies like Fiavet Piemonte, Confindustria Polonia, the Polish Tourist Office and Tryatrip have in common?

Apparently nothing. Indeed, to those who have not yet embraced the new paradigms of bottom-up communication, the idea of ​​bringing together the planet of travel bloggers and the most canonical one of tour operators will almost seem like a conflict of interest.
Yet, from a synergistic encounter like this, something positive can be born, which can become a driving force for growth for everyone.
We proudly tell you about our recent experience of collaborations with the aforementioned actors.
It all begins when Ryanair activates the new Turin - Wroclaw route under the repeated request of Confindustria Polonia, in order to facilitate business between the two regions.
Fiavet Piemonte imagines a potential fallout also on the tourism sector and is ready to take the opportunity to offer its members a new destination, still little known to the Italian public. Thus was born the Educational Tour which first brought a Polish delegation to Piedmont and, subsequently, a Piedmontese delegation to Polish soil. To underline the strategic importance of the initiative, Dr. Monika Kwiatosz, honorary Italian consul for Lower Silesia, Dr. Ulrico Leiss de Leimburg, Polish honorary consul for Piedmont, and the director of the Polish tourism office in Rome, Dr. Barbara Minczewa.
The project aims to maintain the direct link between the two cities and therefore needs visibility. Here we at Tryatrip come into play, as actors able to offer visibility that goes beyond the boundaries of organized tourism, to reach even those who travel independently.
Our experiential story, through texts and images, helps to create a trend towards a new destination for the benefit of each part.